All included for both Shared Basket & Private Flight

Basic Information of Flights

Basket Size

Our boutique style basket for standard flight with capacity of 2-8 persons per basket.

Flight Duration

From taking-off to landing, the flight duration is approximately 45 minutes.


We provide an insurance as per requirement according to our government regulation.


Post Flight Champagne Celebration Ceremony and Flight Certificate is included. (Chiang Mai ONLY)

Shared Basket

Once in a lifetime experience!!

Make your normal day become the most memorable and extraordinary day.
Capacity : 2-8 Person/Basket

Flight Rate :
Chiang Mai : 8,800 THB / Person
Chiang Rai : Sunrise 8,990 THB/Person | Sunset 9,990 THB/Person

Private Flight

Worth to pay more for privacy!!

It's time to share your miracle and romantic moment with your special one such as Proposing for Married, Anniversary, Congratulation, Birthday, etc.

Flight Rate :
Chiang Mai : 30,000 THB per couple / Basket
Chiang Rai : 29,990 THB per couple / Basket