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Flight Program Passenger ConsideringPASSENGER CONSIDERING

Passenger Concern About Ballooning

  • Balloon Adventure ThailandFlying Period
    All year round, but ideal season is from mid November to mid March. This is the most pleasant time in Thailand with the maximum average of clear days.
  • Flying Time
    Passengers are picked up by a Balloon Adventure Thailand shuttle service at their hotel and transferred to the launch site. This can be early as 5:40 am, depending on the distance the passengers are away from the launch site. After arrival they are greeted by the pilot and are free to watch the preparation of the balloon, while having a complementary coffee, tea or fruit juice. Or they can help preparing the balloon for take of.

    The flights on the hot air balloon of Balloon Adventure Thailand will take off at around 6.40 am and last for about on hour. The flight duration may vary, because of landing sites that to be spotted by the pilots.

    Balloon flight passengers should allow about 3 hours for the total adventure. This does not include travel time to the balloon site and back to the hotel.
  • Capacity
    Balloon Adventure Thailand has various sizes of balloons for passengers between 4 to 6 persons.
  • Flight Altitude
    The balloons will fly at an altitude of approximately 150-600 meters from this altitude the passengers will be able to see all detail on the ground and experience breathtaking views.
  • Passenger Criteria
    Can fly with us all adults in good health, without ailments that do not allow strenuous exercise. Children – must have a height not less than 140 cm.
  • Safety
    Balloon Adventure ThailandThe air balloon is a legally flying aircraft. Balloon Adventure Thailand has received approval for commercial flights and Standard Certification by the Department of Civil Aviation Thailand. (For more information please call + 286 8151 DCA)

    Balloon Adventure Thailand is only flying with very experienced and licensed pilots who logged hundreds of hours in flying passenger in hot air balloons. This your best guarantee for high safety standards and passenger satisfaction.

    However, the pilot will explain balloon flying procedures to each passenger prior to flight, including flight safety and how passenger are to act safely. The passenger is expected to follow closely and adhere to the pilot’s instruction.

    Insurance The passengers their property and the balloon have been insured by Balloon Adventure Thailand with South East Insurance (2000), an insurance company, recognized for that purpose by the DCA.

What Passenger Should Consider

To make your flight a most enjoyable – once in a lifetime – experience you are invited to take care of the following.

  • Wear suitable clothing that will protect you from heat of the balloon burner and the sun. Wear suitable shoes.
  • Do not forget a hat and sunglasses.
  • Bring along your still or video camera (S) and/ or binoculars.
  • Please wake-up early, and arrive at meeting point in time. Be on time. As a courtesy to other passengers.
  • A balloon flight can not be delayed because of the late arrival of passengers! Because of meteorological reasons like heat and the thermals building up in the early morning hours the balloon has to take off and land on time!
  • A smile and friendly greeting fellow passengers are always a perfect start of an "unforgettable experience in the air".


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